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Hello Dear Friends,

I am Krishna Kailas, an entrepreneur, educator, and wealth coach. I am dedicated to helping you and showing you the path to financial freedom so you can live your life as you choose.

Before we continue, you might have a few questions for me spinning around in your thoughts. But before answering that question, let me guess a few things about you. 


Do you want to change your life?
You object to living a pleasant lifestyle, right?
You’re different, unconventional. Maybe even a little rebellious.
You want to live your life on your terms, not other people's crappy terms

If you agree on YES!


You’ve discovered a wonderful and wealthy community that perfectly matches your outlook, so welcome home, my dear friend.

Why Choose Latest Wealth?

Entry is limited. People Who Are Committed and Curious Only Along the way, we take wonderful side trips into many fascinating topics, including financial independence, investment, the stock market, real estate, online income, business ideas, travel, lifestyle design, and any other subject that piques our attention. Everything here is going to direct you towards achieving your life goals and a wealthy mindset. We discuss real estate, entrepreneurship, online courses, productivity, personal growth, and a wealth philosophy.

“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.” – Tony Robbins

My Bio

Following my civil engineering graduation, I prepared for a position in the government. As required by society, (Typical South Indian Dream) (cry). I was hired by the central government. I have now started receiving advice. As your boss sincerely advised, you are a hero if you save money for the future (well-wishers).

Working hard in the office, being truthful, being submissive, and other similar adjectives Even though (in 2005) I could not make 1,20,000/-PA, I took pleasure in my profession. Life was fantastic. Everything was fine, except for a few problems:

Problems I Faced

About Latest Wealth

I Lacked Freedom

I used to go to the office or the worksite every day from 8 am to 8 pm (sometimes even on holidays). If I want to spend the weekend at the beach or in the mountains, I will occasionally work late shifts from home (obedient and sincere workers are an added qualification). Request a leave of absence (STRICT BOSS). Because of my serious labor, I received a present from the government and was relocated to difficult places where people are not working; yet, even on holidays, I am unable to leave headquarters without the authorization of higher officials. (????)

What Do I Have, Finally? FRUSTRATION

No Job Satisfaction

About Latest Wealth

I questioned what bothered me. Why should I have to live by arbitrary rules all the time? Why couldn’t I manage the few hours I had left on earth? Have you ever in your life been asked this question? I wanted to escape. I thus made a profit. I worked like a nut on the weekends and in the evenings, taking on side jobs, signing up for computer classes, and working with students while trying to save every penny. The hundreds gradually became thousands. For three months, I explored all of India like a madman. I was terrified to think that I could have to look for work once more when I got back to the office. No. No. Never!!!! For the next 20 years, I was unable to return to the musty wooden tables and stale paperwork of the usual government office. I desired lasting, enduring independence. Yet how?

About Latest Wealth

I Quit My Job, And I Became a Trainer

YES! A Central Government Job

Offering classes to students on How can memory be improved & How to Score More Marks?

About Latest Wealth

I Quit My Job, And I Became a Trainer

YES! A Central Government Job

Offering classes to students on How can memory be improved & How to Score More Marks?

At first, I made more money than I was making at my job, but after a while, I realized I was being caught in a trap. Self-employment is a new trap, yes. I once more purchased a new job and a new trap. A trap where everything in your company depends on you and you are so busy putting out fires that you are unable to make any money for yourself while paying your staff on time and handling all of their jobs for them. A self-employed person dreams big and thinks big, yet they typically only make it from month to month. His company mostly relies on goodwill and karma marketing.

“Every problem is a gift—without problems, we would not grow.”


And even though your firm is failing, you don’t recognize it as a trap, because you accept the challenges as a way of life and feel like a brave hero working for a greater cause. Self-employment produces financial sufficiency, not financial freedom.

I wished to be financially independent and be free to stop exchanging time for money. I wanted to build an investment that could support me 100%.

Instead of constantly working to pay for food, transportation, and family responsibilities, I wanted the freedom to enjoy working on initiatives that served the greater good.

Creating Passive Income

I concentrated on four passive income sources and began developing a pipeline of income from the following





What I focused on.

But before started building pipeline income, I learned MONEY MANAGEMENT which helped me to at RETIRE AT 45. I wanted to help more people so everything I shared in my best-selling book “RESIGNED @ 35 RETIRED @ 45 (financial journey from scarcity to Abundance)

learn how to make money from the stock market, applied, and created my first pipeline income. 

Thanks to stock market income, I got free time to roam around the world and started enjoying life.

I need not worry about my expenses, vacation, and retirement, my passive income will take care of it. I don’t need to answer a boss. Never again do I need to work in a cramped office and I never have to run in rush-hour traffic. I live life exactly the way I wanted. I’ll spend the happy evening on my favorite beaches on a random Tuesday if the mood strikes. I will start hiking to my lovely hill stations without asking permission from any boss. I’ll stay up all night writing blog posts. or reading my favorite books in the early mornings or listening to spiritual music for hours together or I can knock on the door and surprise my childhood friends

Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?

On this website, LATEST WEALTH, I want to show you the path of FINANCIAL FREEDOM, how I did it – and help you do the same so that you can also make it happen. Join 50,000+ people who get free email updates.

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